Looking For Relaxation? A Portofino Italy Vacation Is Where You’ll Find It!

If you are planning on doing some traveling in Italy and want to take a few days to refresh yourself from the dusty busy cities, look no further than a Portofino Italy vacation. Portofino, also known as the Italian Riviera is a quaint picturesque area with tree lined cliffs, amazing water views, delicious food and above all, relaxation at its finest! It has been a favorite getaway spot for decades to celebrities and “big money” elite who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of real like and immerse themselves in the relaxation and peacefulness of this quaint little town.


The Benefits of Online Education

While traditional institutions of higher learning are struggling with mounting budget and staff cuts, Internet based education is becoming more popular and comprehensive than ever. Increasing numbers of students are seeking degrees online – and succeeding at their studies. 30% of American college students take at least one online course during the course of their studies, and students of online education achieve more academic success than traditional ones.

Degrees with coursework offered completely online are designed for non-traditional students, and therefore offer helpful incentives that a traditional brick-and-mortar university can't match.

1. Location: Many people who wish to earn a degree don't live near a university that offers the program they're looking for – or don't live near a university at all. They may work full time and have a family, and don't have the time for a commute. Online learning allows a student to study what they desire wherever they live or work.

2. Hours: People who care for their families or work full time outside the home simply don't have the flexibility to squeeze an hour or more into their day based on pre-set schedule. When a student learns online, they can complete coursework in their free time.

3. Financing: Accredited online schools allow the flexibility of learning at home while still letting students to receive financial aid. In addition, many online schools charge cheaper tuition and costs than regular colleges.

4. Choice: With online education, students have a larger number and type of schools to select from, without restriction to area. From a tech school to an Ivy League university, online education allows students to choose the kind of program they're looking for like computer programming, math, tech etc.

5. Pacing: Most online programs allow students to progress through the curriculum at their own pace, rather than within a time limit as many traditional schools do. If a person works full time, they can take as many or as few courses as they can manage in their schedule and still complete their degree.

6. Networking: Online education offers unique opportunities for interaction with classmates and instructors. This can be very helpful for increasing business contacts, especially when setting embarking on a new career or job level.

7. Effectiveness: Research shows that students of online programs perform better than their counterparts in traditional educational ones.

8. International Environment: Online universities often have a much larger percentage of international students than do conventional schools. The opportunity to meet and work with people in a students' area of study or business is invaluable.

9. Student-centered learning/individual attention: In traditional classrooms, especially at the underclass level, the ratio of students to professors can be hundreds to one. If a teacher provides office hours, it can be a struggle to get around dozens of others waiting for those same brief periods. With online education, students have the opportunity for much more interaction with teachers. With virtual communication, the student can have their concerns and questions addressed more easily. Class sizes are also smaller.

10. Easier, less intimidating participation: It can be scary for a student to approach a teacher, or to raise their hand in a crowded classroom. With online classes, it can be easier and less daunting to communicate with a professor.


5 Emerging World Tourist Destinations in 2016

In this new era one thing that remains constant is change, and other things are just too subtle to notice. We are the factor that leads to change at such rapid intervals. The hunger to explore that resides in the heart of a tourist leads him to places that have never been sold as an attraction. Hence, many countries are now emerging, even overshadowing some established countries, to carve their place in the world’s leading destination list. To explore these countries is a cheap and convenient option as their authenticity remains intact, yet to be ruined by tourists. Also, there are some drawbacks related to these places, like transportation, that may affect tourists.

Nevertheless, the best 5 countries that are making their way into the tourist’s hearts are:

Laos: A tourist’s favorite since 2008, Laos has now risen to be one of the world’s leading destinations. The rich culture, traditions, and natural brilliance have become quite an attraction among tourists. This ‘Land of a Million Elephants’ country now houses riverside restaurants, stunning hotels, and a rejuvenating Buddhist serenity.
Sri Lanka: The civil war has brought a positive change in the minds of Sri Lankans, and has lead towards the country’s popularity as one of the world’s leading destinations. This culture-rich country is known for its world heritage site rainforests, architectural beauty, and natural splendor.
Ecuador:  The artistic beauty of this place has always been a point of attraction. But, the recent development projects in the country, like the railway line extensions, the most intimidating being the railway line that will connect the country’s most popular volcano Cotopaxi sxsw and the Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose), has been a topic of discussion among millions.
Montenegro: This little country is blessed with stunning natural splendor and a cool atmosphere. Every corner of this greenery-clad land is designed by nature itself. The picturesque natural beauty, breezy beaches, and startling Bay of Kotor are the focal attractions. Also, strap on your hiking shoes to try out some hiking and other fun adventures.
Iceland: The recent devaluation in the country’s currency has come in handy to travelers who are now exploring its scenic beauty phoenix at low prices. The mouth-watering dishes and amiable surrounding of this pristine nation has won millions of hearts.

Apart from the above five, there are other countries as well that are rapidly emerging as the world’s leading destinations. In order to enjoy the true authentic beauty of these emerging countries book world tours packages today, and create your own album of wonderful memories.