Looking For Relaxation? A Portofino Italy Vacation Is Where You’ll Find It!

If you are planning on doing some traveling in Italy and want to take a few days to refresh yourself from the dusty busy cities, look no further than a Portofino Italy vacation. Portofino, also known as the Italian Riviera is a quaint picturesque area with tree lined cliffs, amazing water views, delicious food and above all, relaxation at its finest! It has been a favorite getaway spot for decades to celebrities and “big money” elite who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of real like and immerse themselves in the relaxation and peacefulness of this quaint little town.

Located on the Mediterranean Sea side of Italy, Portofino is easily accessible. You may opt to take a train from your original destination, or, if you have access to a car, take advantage of that and follow the coastline down from Genoa. You may also enjoy a lovely water taxi ride from Cinque Terre, but be careful as the waters sometimes tend to get a bit on the rough side and if you are prone to sea sickness, you may want to use anther travel method ( check this url more travel tips ). Once you arrive in Portofino, there is a bevy of activities to do that will keep you busy during your stay there. Portofino offers a wide array of water sports, upscale shopping, sight seeing and delicious dining from a bevy of upscale and family friendly eateries. Breathing in the fresh sea air will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to move on to the next section of your Italian vacation.

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If you have the opportunity, try and stay in the 16th century monastery called the Hotel Splendido. You will truly be transported in time by staying here. This incredible hotel has been enticing visitors for over a century now with no plans on stopping! At the Hotel Splendido you will find an invigorating heated salt water pool, tennis court and indoor gym to please the most health conscience guest. Rooms are equipped and up-to-date with cable television and W-Fi internet connections for those needed to keep track of business or to communicate with loved ones back home to let them know all about what a fabulous time you are having in your glorious Positano Italy vacation! If you aren’t interested in paying top dollar for your Positano accommodations, you can choose the less expensive, but very nice and clean San Giorgio hotel. Located in the middle of the town, the San Giorgio is just a short walk from the cities famous Piazetta. The luxurious shines through in one of the many gorgeous suites and well as being allowed to use the Turkish bath and sauna located in the hotel. Although the San Giorgio does not have a restaurant (leaving you to explore and experience the many wonderful restaurants in town), breakfast is provided.

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