5 Emerging World Tourist Destinations in 2016

In this new era one thing that remains constant is change, and other things are just too subtle to notice. We are the factor that leads to change at such rapid intervals. The hunger to explore that resides in the heart of a tourist leads him to places that have never been sold as an attraction. Hence, many countries are now emerging, even overshadowing some established countries, to carve their place in the world’s leading destination list. To explore these countries is a cheap and convenient option as their authenticity remains intact, yet to be ruined by tourists. Also, there are some drawbacks related to these places, like transportation, that may affect tourists.

Nevertheless, the best 5 countries that are making their way into the tourist’s hearts are:

Laos: A tourist’s favorite since 2008, Laos has now risen to be one of the world’s leading destinations. The rich culture, traditions, and natural brilliance have become quite an attraction among tourists. This ‘Land of a Million Elephants’ country now houses riverside restaurants, stunning hotels, and a rejuvenating Buddhist serenity.
Sri Lanka: The civil war has brought a positive change in the minds of Sri Lankans, and has lead towards the country’s popularity as one of the world’s leading destinations. This culture-rich country is known for its world heritage site rainforests, architectural beauty, and natural splendor.
Ecuador:  The artistic beauty of this place has always been a point of attraction. But, the recent development projects in the country, like the railway line extensions, the most intimidating being the railway line that will connect the country’s most popular volcano Cotopaxi sxsw and the Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose), has been a topic of discussion among millions.
Montenegro: This little country is blessed with stunning natural splendor and a cool atmosphere. Every corner of this greenery-clad land is designed by nature itself. The picturesque natural beauty, breezy beaches, and startling Bay of Kotor are the focal attractions. Also, strap on your hiking shoes to try out some hiking and other fun adventures.
Iceland: The recent devaluation in the country’s currency has come in handy to travelers who are now exploring its scenic beauty phoenix at low prices. The mouth-watering dishes and amiable surrounding of this pristine nation has won millions of hearts.

Apart from the above five, there are other countries as well that are rapidly emerging as the world’s leading destinations. In order to enjoy the true authentic beauty of these emerging countries book world tours packages today, and create your own album of wonderful memories.

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